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Title: Integrate Your Understanding of ICME at MS&T’12
Date: 9/20/2012
From: Warren Hunt
TMS Materials Innovation Director

 On this website, you will see an announcement for the continuing education course entitled, “Introduction to Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)” that will be offered on Thursday, Oct. 11 at MS&T’12 as a cooperative effort of TMS and ASM International.

I had the opportunity to attend this course last June when it was presented in conjunction with ASM’s AeroMat meeting. It was a very valuable learning experience. I especially liked the way that the various aspects that comprise ICME were presented by the team of leading experts in the field. In addition, through case studies presented, the practical application, through integration, of ICME was illustrated, which really moved it from the simply theoretical to the practical.

 If you haven’t already noticed, ICME is becoming a widely used term (although through-process modeling also gets a fair amount of attention, especially in Europe), and that an increasing amount of the programming at meetings, and indeed entire specialty conferences, are dedicated to this topic. “Laying the groundwork for a deeper understanding of integrated computational materials engineering”, as the short course objective is stated, is a worthwhile investment of your time at this important stage of this emerging discipline’s development.

For more information on this short course and to register, visit the MS&T’12 website.